Your Account Was Currently Suspended on TikTok?

Social media networks share the same things when it comes to account policies and guidelines. So, TikTok is no different, and if you find that your account was suspended and you can’t log in anymore, make sure you read this guide. You’ll get an overview of the reasons behind your TikTok account ban and what you can do to recover it if possible.

Reasons behind a suspended TikTok account

The following are some of the many other reasons for TikTok to block access to your account. That depends on many things. That’s because the page of the guideline itself is so long that it needs a book to cover it all. Tiktok may temporarily block you from posting or commenting in other cases. That’s when the account will be restricted.

Content guidelines violation

Personally, I don’t like reading every new social media site’s long page that talks about their policy, safety, and so on. But that’s the most important page that most of us neglect when registering for any service or website, including TikTok.

The guidelines on TikTok are very strict. In reality, many countries started acting seriously about the safety of users, especially teens. So, here’s what you may think of when your account on TikTok has been suspended permanently or temporarily.

First, take your time and read the TikTok community guidelines. Then, see if there’s any point on that page that attracts your intention. That could be the reason behind the account ban.

You’ve reused someone else’s video

Remember that you need to upload your own videos and not other people’s content you find on YouTube or other sites. These videos may have copyrights or logos on them. Thus, when that video creator finds it in your TikTok account, they’ll report it for violating their intellectual property policy.

Consequently, the TikTok team will remove that video and even suspend your account temporarily, depending on many factors.

Using artificial ways to increase page engagements

Many users on TikTok use software they find online to increase their page views which violates the site’s guidelines. So, once the TikTok system detects that behavior, it will block access to your account. So, the app will start showing you that famous “suspended” account message when you login next time.

TikTok spam guidelines

Your account has been accessed by someone else

This scenario often happens with people who use TikTok and social media apps without taking care of their security. When you share the same devices with others and login from multiple phones or laptops, that could cause a problem.

The TikTok system detects that as specious behavior and will eventually ban you from using the site again. Even more, the system can go further automatically and block access to the TikTok app from all the devices you used at that time.

Your competitor is behind that ban

Believe it or not, it won’t be that hard for someone to browse your TikTok account post by post until he finds one that violates the community guidelines. Unfortunately, that happens a lot on social media.

When someone’s content gets featured, competitors do their best to find the smallest issue that the site can use to flag that account.

Think about that, and ask yourself if you recently had a conversation or a chat with someone who criticizes your content a lot. Or see if you have a person that doesn’t like what you’re doing on TikTok.

TikTok has a page to report accounts, videos, hashtags, comments, music, etc…So; that page could be the one that the person used to report one of the videos you shared with information that violates the site’s guidelines.

Even more, users who don’t like your account may list it for sale on multiple platforms. Then, they contact TikTok and show them that ad, and convince them that you’re trying to sell your TikTok account, which is clearly against their usage guidelines.

That’s just one example of others that people may use, unfortunately, to get your TikTok suspended. You need to be aware of all these problems. In fact, buying TikTok accounts, followers, or views is not permitted in any circumstances. Also, that’s what can delete your account permanently without any notice.

You may say, but is it that easy for someone to convince the TikTok team that your account is violating their guidelines? The answer is yes, and no, but that could happen easier than most people think of.

You need to monitor the activity under your TikTok videos, comments, etc. If there are so many spam comments, try to report them. The person behind them could be trying to prove that you’re using fake followers or comments.

What about your photos?

Suppose you posted an image from another person, property, etc.. then the owner or the user behind found that on your account.

He or she can report that image and cause your TikTok to be blocked if you do the same several times. In fact, tracking photos is easy these days. There are many search engines that show you where a specific picture appears, and photographers do the same.

Participating in comments

I’m only talking about bad comments that violate the TikTok guidelines. If you like to comment on other people’s videos or posts a lot, and you go all the way with bad comments, later, you’ll find that Tiktok has restricted your account.

What should you do?

When you find that TikTok has blocked your account for no clear reason, make sure you verify if you really violated any of the above guidelines.

If you still cannot find the issue and you suspect someone else is using your account, then it’s better to search for your name or username on Google and see what appears in the search results.

Other people could be using your own username on TikTok through Instagram, Facebook, or other sites for fraud. So, it’s worth it sometimes to have an idea about who’s the person that uses your TikTok username on other social media apps or sites.

If you think that TikTok has accidentally suspended your account, you still have the option to contact them. Let the team know about that issue. Next, explain what happened and why you think it’s a mistake and not a real problem or content violation from your end.

To report that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your smartphone
  2. If your account has been banned, blocked, or suspended, you’ll find a notice
  3. Click on that ban notice, and you should see “Appeal”, click on it
  4. Now, follow the verification steps and submit
  5. TikTok will review your appeal and take the right action


Sometimes, mistakes happen, and when someone finds that TikTok is suspending their account, that can be challenging. For that reason, follow the above tip and tricks and investigate the reason behind the block before proceeding with any action.

If you found the cause behind your TikTok account block, make sure you tell us about it in the comment section below. Some people have different issues on TikTok than others, and we all learn from each other.

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