How to Find Someone’s Secret Facebook Account

When you doubt that someone or probably your partner is hiding a secret Facebook account, there are a couple of search possibilities to try. But for sure, some techniques work better than others. That’s because Facebook allows users to hide their profiles from public search. In that case, only advanced search tools can help.

So, use this guide, and if your partner has a second profile on Facebook that you don’t know about, you may be able to locate it with a direct link.

Finding someone’s secret accounts on Facebook

Search by name, username, email, or phone number

You need to use these search solutions, they can help you find hidden Facebook accounts that someone owns and manages. But also, if there is any other social media account found, you’ll see it under that person’s search report.

This is like a search engine that’s dedicated entirely to people searching and their personal information on the Internet. Instead of using Bing or Yahoo, for example, users can get what they need as personal information about a specific person. That includes any of their Facebook accounts that are hidden, Instagram profiles, Snapchat, and even TikTok, Twitter, and others, if that’s applicable.

You can find out if your man hides a second Facebook account by using the above tool and searching through his full name, location or adding his phone number or email. These details are the most accurate ways to see what others hide as personal information and social accounts online.

If there is no search report through any of these details, there are more ways. Just switch the search to your man’s home address, usernames, and his car’s VIN or plate number.

That’s not all; even a picture of him can show you what the man hides as other phone numbers, emails, etc…The following are the details you can use to search for your spouse’s accounts on Facebook or any other social media network:

  • Use his first and last name
  • Try his cell phone number
  • The username he uses on any social profile can help in a new search
  • Search using his car VIN or even the plate number
  • The street address of your home can help to find hidden accounts

Search the Facebook site directly

Facebook users can create their accounts with a mobile phone number or by email. If someone has an active account, there is a chance to find him using these details. So, start your search by typing your boyfriend or girlfriend’s cell number into the Facebook search bar. Then, validate and see if there is any visible profile.

If using the phone number brings no profiles on Facebook search, make sure you try again. But this time with his email address or even the first and last name. Facebook offers search filters. So, you may try to choose a city where you live or other places if you suspect he’s traveling for another girl often.

When someone has a secret account, that does not mean all the time that they have Facebook affairs behind. Users could own multiple profiles they created years ago and forgot about.

In other words, just like women, men create more than one single account on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. And that’s because they separate their personal accounts from others. Or maybe, because they used to keep one for the girlfriends and one for the family and wife.

Find their Facebook by picture

Social Catfish has a tool that searches for social media accounts, including Facebook, by photo. So, make sure you upload a clean headshot picture of the person you’d like to find on Facebook and look through the search results for any mention of the site’s name. That’s because you may see a long list of profiles on Google and websites, but all that works well in locating any secret profile on other social networks.

Check his web browser history

This is not the best solution, but if you used to call from your friend’s phone, check his Google chrome history if he’s using Android. Or see what he visited as websites on his iPhone or Safari browser.

You’re not going to tell for sure if there is another invisible Facebook account he uses. But once you see a strange username in this search history, try to take note of that or remember it for some time. Then, do your own research on Facebook or Google search and type that exact username.

There is also another trick that works, millions of people use password management tools like LastPass, etc. And once you try to log into the Facebook site, the software will instantly show you the number of login details saved for that domain name. Consequently, if you see more than one username or password, that can indicate that there is a secondary account.

What to do if your partner hides a Facebook profile?

Just because someone found that the wife or the husband is hiding a secret account on Facebook, that does not mean 100% that their partner has secret conversations. Nor that they’re using the Messenger app for good reasons.

In other words, you need to investigate the details and confirm whether or not your man is looking for other girls on Facebook. Next, verify if he’s talking to them on the Facebook dating app, which is one of the most popular ways to meet singles and married people on the Internet.

I’m not going to dive into the man’s body language or psychology to tell you how to know whether he’s using Facebook for cheating. But I’ll share some tips for you to apply before taking any action against him.

First, let’s suppose, my lady, that you found a secret account on Facebook in your husband’s name. Now, you visit that profile, and indeed, the profile photo seems to be him. In this step, most ladies take action against their partners and say they found them guilty of having a secondary Facebook account they don’t know about.

That’s not the right strategy. Instead, look for that profile and see if there is any public post, comments, details, and information.

Now, don’t be surprised to find that someone else is using your partner’s picture on his Facebook profile and even his name; that happens a lot. The reason for that is that others might try to cause problems for married couples. And what they can do is pretend to be one of the sides on social media to hurt their relationship and cause trouble.

To see if that account is really your spouse or not, verify the “about” section of his profile first and read it carefully. Next, if the age, and location match, then probably that’s your man. If there is different information, then take your time and investigate that account further.

I remember a scammer who used many people’s names and pictures on his fake Facebook accounts, and that happens nowadays, especially for celebrities.

One of the best ways to test whether your husband is the same person behind that Facebook account is to create a fake profile and then send him a message. Also, pretend to be someone else and ask him some questions or try to see where he lives, or get his phone number, etc… That can help you in verifying if he’s, in fact, the man or not who manages that account.


Using any of the previously mentioned ways can help you search for any secret Facebook account your partner uses and hides. But that can take less or more time depending on many factors, such as the available information and how your spouse manages his online privacy.

Thus, if the guy takes into consideration that others may try to lookup his accounts by phone number, he’ll try to keep that hidden and edit the account settings on Facebook to prevent others from finding that profile using a mobile number, email, etc…

Even if that happens, the details can be found on many advanced search algorithms like the one above. Anyway, trying such a powerful reverse lookup tool should help you all the way in your daily life and not only find your partner’s other Facebook profiles or your relationship.

In addition, there are multiple search tools to find people on social networks, get their contact information, and see where they live or other data that are not visible publicly to Google.

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