How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn

Millions of people from all countries use LinkedIn as one of the most used professional social networks. So, it’s not a secret that getting someone’s email from their LinkedIn profile will save time and make businesses more interconnected. However, not everyone puts his or her email address and other contact details or numbers under their accounts on these social platforms.

For that reason, we’ll show you how you can find people’s emails through their profile pages on LinkedIn; make sure you follow these steps.

Finding people’s emails on LinkedIn

Here are the best methods; use them whenever you want to find out if someone has a hidden email when all you know about them is their LinkedIn profile URL or name.

Email finder tools

TruthFinder: You don’t have to spend hours looking for a specific person’s email address on their LinkedIn profile. Instead, use search tools like this one, which will search for contact details and show you every possible number or email ID in a few minutes.

If you don’t see any email on that report, make sure you search with any of the details you get there. Details like usernames on social profiles can help a lot. Thus, searching through every contact number may uncover more emails than expected. That’s why well known business managers use such tools to find people or colleagues’ emails and other info.

Instant Checkmate: This is another people-search engine that you can count on. To see someone’s emails from their LinkedIn details, type their name in the search field. Next, allow the system to verify the data and link to details with public records.

Here’s a great example of a search report of this tool. We found all the email addresses of someone we know on LinkedIn. In addition, we got their other email IDs on Gmail, MSN, and of course, Yahoo.

Emails found

After that, read the search report and learn more about that person’s contact details. So, you may view their Gmail ID, phone numbers, and social media accounts if that’s already there.

LinkedIn profile details

When you have anyone’s profile link on LinkedIn, you should first look at their contact details there. So, first, make sure to open that exact profile in your browser. It doesn’t matter if you’re a friend or not; LinkedIn already shows people’s profiles when you search for them with Google or in other ways.

Now, click on their name, and you’ll get the profile details. From there, click on “contact info”.

Linkedin contact info

When you see the popup window on desktop, there could be contact details like phone numbers, emails, or even more. Here’s one example of an email on Gmail we found through someone’s LinkedIn profile page.

Gmail address found on LinkedIn

Search for their other social media accounts: If someone has a profile on LinkedIn, that could mean they also have other profiles on Facebook or Instagram, for example. But what’s important here is that you can search for your friend’s accounts using their LinkedIn profile. Here is how to do that:

  1. First, visit the Google search engine
  2.  Type the person’s name you found on LinkedIn
  3.  Add “account” or “profile” after the name
  4.  Validate the search and you may get the search results
  5.  Now, you’ll have the list of accounts in that person’s name

That’s how to find out someone’s emails indirectly from their account on LinkedIn.

Username search engines

This is another method that you can search through. Username reverse lookup tools like Social Catfish scan the most popular social media networks and extract data from various other sources. So, it’s not that complicated to type a LinkedIn username in the search box of this tool and view the email address behind it.

Follow these steps:

  1. First, copy all the usernames you already know about the person you are looking for.
  2.  Visit the above username lookup page and type it there.
  3.  Now, validate the search by clicking on the green button.
  4.  Once the search is complete, click on the exact profile of that person. You may find many in this case; filter the results by city, state, etc…

Depending on how people manage their account details and think about privacy, you may get their hidden account on social media, and also see their emails on Yahoo, Outlook, and more when available.

Reverse lookup their LinkedIn photo

This reverse photo search comes with different other lookup features. So, try it and upload the same picture of that LinkedIn account.

Search with LinkedIn profile photo

Did you know that the same profile photo that a person uses on LinkedIn can show you information about them? In fact, you have many reverse image lookup sites, but most of them find what’s already there on Google.

If there is any email or contact number associated with that LinkedIn account photo, the search engine will show it under the contact details stab. Otherwise, there are other ways to search. For example, if you can see the address of that person on LinkedIn, type it in the right search box.


Finding people’s emails through LinkedIn profile details comes with advantages and some challenges. But that doesn’t mean you need to look elsewhere to get that same contact information. Just allow the search to be complete, and then, carefully choose the right person’s report found with any of the above methods. Finally, you can quickly get almost anyone’s email address from just the accounts you find on LinkedIn.

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