How to Find Someone by their Phone Number on Facebook

Searching and finding someone on Facebook by phone number is simple these days. There are many options to locate people on social media through their contact details. There are many options to locate a friend, relatives, and partners on the biggest social network in the World. But when the user finds no information on a specific person that he or she wants to locate, then the phone number will be the best solution to search through.

So, in today’s guide, we’ll show you how you can find someone by their phone number on Facebook. But that also works for other social networks because they share some options.

Searching for someone’s Facebook by phone number

To find people on Facebook by phone number, you should first ask yourself if the person you are looking for has other contact details. Then, make sure you take note of every mobile number he or she uses, and that can bring more data later. So, if you’re going to search for your spouse on Facebook because you suspect he or she hides a secret account, then, make sure to have other contact details. They could be any of these: their emails, full names, or other numbers, if there are any.

Try reverse phone number lookup

The second option on this search page is the fastest way to lookup people on Facebook from their cell phone numbers. It starts by typing the number in the search field. Then, allow the system to complete the process for you. These advanced technologies find personal information from various sources and not only public records and search engines like Google or Yahoo.

When an advanced people search system like this one detects that a phone number is linked to someone on Facebook, it classifies that information under his details. Consequently, others could locate that individual on Facebook even without joining the site. But they can find his profile through their contact information.

The advantage of using such a search tool is that even if there is no Facebook account found, there are other hidden details that the user might find, such as the following:

  • Other social media accounts
  • Personal information
  • Other contact information such as second numbers, email, etc…
  • Sites or blogs the person owns
  • Possible photos and hidden accounts…

By finding any of the above information, you can easily use that as a new way to search for someone on Facebook by phone number. And that may show you more details you never expected, such as other profiles on Facebook.

Is it possible to search Facebook by phone number?

Technically speaking, the phone number search on Facebook is limited. So, it’s not 100% accurate because people can change numbers. Also, others may use that mobile number and block others from searching for them. Consequently, relying on the Facebook search engine alone won’t help a lot.

Here is how such a search engine is able to find people on Facebook by tracing their phone numbers. First, when someone signup on to Facebook, the site asks for a valid mobile number to activate their newly created account. So, the user should use that number, but most people on social media neglect their privacy settings. And users will change that, after days or even months from the first time they subscribed.

That time gives search engines the possibility to crawl millions of web pages, profiles, and other types of information on Facebook or Instagram. And one of these details is the cell number that many users add in their “about” section under the profile details.

Even if the user blocks search engines from crawling his or her profile on Facebook, you still have the chance to find the data. That’s because the system might already have found the connection between that account and the phone number. Thus, these tools build their own data based on that personal information on the Internet.

In addition to that, there are advanced people-search engines that crawl millions of web pages. Then, they’re able to find information about people and find everything about them online. There are multiple sources and databases with millions of records. But remember, that’s valid only if you want to find a specific person on Facebook through a mobile number in the US only.

Search Facebook directly

When it comes to finding someone on Facebook by phone number, many people neglect the blocking issue on the site itself. In fact, if the person or the user they’re looking for on FB, blocks the profile from being indexed, they won’t be able to locate them.

That means, even if there is a way to search the site by typing digits of cell numbers, Facebook will keep that associated profile hidden. And in this case, it’s a privacy setting that blocks others from finding users by their mobile numbers.

To locate someone on Facebook, type their mobile number in the search bar at the top of the page. After that, click on “people” to get profiles and not comments or other details you don’t need. Also, you may try the search filter by city. That works well in parallel with mobile numbers. Now, here is a screenshot example of how to search for someone on Facebook through a cell phone number.

Facebook search by phone number

On the other hand, if you’re using the Facebook app on your smartphone, click on the magnifier icon on the top right corner of the screen. Next, Facebook will start scanning its huge database of numbers, names, and data. Then, the site will show you any profile if the number you typed in the search box is associated with someone’s profile on the site.

If you see no accounts linked to the number that you searched for, ask yourself if there is any possible secondary contact information that the person might hide. That includes any possible emails, other telephone numbers, etc…That could bring some additional information.

Google their numbers

In order to find someone by phone number on Facebook or any other social media site, Google offers an advanced search system that works well. However, there is a condition for the search to turn into a result. That’s the possibility for Google crawlers to read that specific Facebook account and index its content, including the contact information and numbers.

So, if you’re looking for an individual who shares his number on the contact section under his Facebook profile, Google may find that page and show you the details by typing that number in the search box.

Because Google is a free way to search for people online, you can take advantage of its advanced search. It comes with additional search parameters that you can adjust based on language, location, and exclude or include words and names.

Also, it works well if you need to find someone with the phone number on Facebook. Just add multiple numbers at once and see where they’re being used on social media. That way, you’ll have more ways to check if someone is lying when you chat with them, especially through dating apps.

Another tip for find people on FB by phone number

If you just want to see if someone has a secret Facebook account, but without joining or using any tool, you can try to login as a Facebook user. Next, use the “forgot account” or “password” option. That will show you some account recovery solutions based on the mobile number you tried to login with. In this case, choose the “send SMS” option.

Of course, you’re not going to get any code. But you’ll do that just to confirm if that person used that number on other Facebook accounts or not.

Now, if Facebook says that you received the code by SMS, then, that means there is an account that signed up through that given mobile phone number. And when that number belongs to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner, that means there are higher chances they have a secret Facebook account.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it’s not always accurate. The reason is that other people might have used that number years ago on Facebook. Then, they stopped using it for months. Which means the phone carrier will issue that number to someone else.

And if that’s what happens, then, the actual owner of that cell number is not the same person as the Facebook account user. Just verify that the person has used that number for years before starting to search through it.

What about other Facebook search tools?

We’re in the area of social media algorithms and technology. So, you may see online tools claiming that you can search Facebook by phone number and show the accounts behind that contact detail. That may look promising, but most of those apps on iPhone, Android, and online just do not work. So, those so-called Facebook account finder apps will ask you to signup for their spam offers, and then, get nothing as a result.

In addition to that, when you want to look someone up by phone number on Facebook, you’ll need to give them your login details. And that’s what I don’t recommend in any circumstances. You don’t have to share your credential with any tool that just scans Facebook profiles. That won’t work that way. Instead, there are trusted search algorithms that can do that for you in a few minutes. Just use option number one above and save your time and effort.


Now, you have the right tips and ways to search for a specific person on the Facebook site with their phone number and find them if they have any profiles. Make sure you search carefully and verify the details.

When someone searches for people’s accounts on any social network, they might type the name or number incorrectly. That will bring the wrong profiles of other users and not the specific individual that they are looking for. So, whenever you want to find somebody’s account on Facebook through their phone number, double-check their details before searching.

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