How to Find out Someone’s Real Name on Instagram

Identifying an Instagram username or account is not complicated if you follow some tips and tricks. But when you see the same details across multiple social platforms, that’s not easy to verify. So, in today’s guide, I’ll show you how to find out a person’s real name on almost any Instagram account. Even more, there could be other personal details, such as the address, phone numbers, emails, and other contact details.

Now, let’s find out who an Instagram account belongs to with different search methods based on what you know about the person behind that IG profile.

This is the fastest way to tell who is the person behind an Instagram account. So, you can find his real name, address, location, and even contact information, including their phone number. All you need to have is his username, and then, visit the following page and add it to the search field.

Next, let the system verify the details and do a complete background search on that user. Finally, if there is any result found, you’ll see it in a comprehensive report.

When we talk about searching for someone’s name on Instagram or any similar site, most people neglect the importance of data in our Internet world. In fact, many advanced systems crawl the Internet just like what Google does. But this time, they only focus on personal data and not the other types of it.

What that means is that no matter if someone used social media or not, these programs have the resources to trace them on the Internet, and that can look somehow strange, but that’s what happens.

Take advantage of every account detail

Nowadays, finding out someone’s real identity on Instagram should start from the details on their account. So, when someone adds a short biography or details to their Instagram account, that could be used as a way to find who that person is in real life. So, once you visit that account, take note of its details like names, locations, and numbers, if there are any. Next, search with that data, and the best site to use is Google, of course.

For instance, Google should be your first search site. It’s the biggest search engine in the world, and using it is not an option. Also, if there is any mention to place on that unknown Instagram account, add it in a new search and place the username before, and most importantly, use that inside quote.

Google is a smart search engine that combines lots of factors to determine if the query the user searched for is associated with a specific page or not, and unlike other sites, it’s fast and secure.

Using the account username is not the only information you need. In fact, to collect other details and use them in the search, visit that exact Instagram account and look for mentions of contact details like emails or numbers.

Next, keep note of every piece of information because even with an email address, you can uncover the identity of that user. The same thing works for phone numbers and even home addresses, even if that won’t be easily searchable or detectable on Instagram.

Use the profile photo

If that unknown person on Instagram has a clear profile picture, people can reverse lookup these files on popular search sites such as Social Catfish. That tool over full search features to identify social media users and know if what they say is real or fake.

Also, Google Images work for that. The best thing about these tools is that they list all the web pages where that photo was published, even if it was modified, and that’s great.

To get someone’s Instagram real name, upload his or her profile photo to Google images. Then, visit the pages in the search results and learn from all the details of who that person is. If there is any blog or page associated with that picture, you can check the information on it.

After that, look for “about” or “about me” links. From there, you may see the first and last name of that person, what he does, and other personal details you never expect to find on Instagram directly. That’s the power of reverse image search technologies.

Search on Facebook

When someone wants to join Instagram, he or she’ll be asked to use his Facebook account for fast access or registration, and others will use their email address. Consequently, millions of Instagram users have the same username on their Facebook profile because they use the fast registration option instead of filling in the details one by one manually.

That means others can easily search for that Instagram username on Facebook and find who it belongs to. That’s the easiest way to find a connection between two accounts on Facebook and on Instagram that shares the same profile username.

Even if Facebook is so big as a social network, not all users allow the site to let others find them by username or other details. That being said, other social networks like Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok can be open for that search.

That’s why we recommend searching for that exact Instagram username on Twitter or other sites to see if there is an account behind it or not. If that’s the case, check them out and look for comments, and posts that the site users posted. Who knows, you may find the real identity of that person on Instagram from their other social media profiles.

By using these tricks and sites, it won’t be that hard to search for someone’s real name from his Instagram account. So, start with his username, then switch the search to their name or other details. If that does not work, then, the profile photo can reveal the identity of the person behind that mysterious Instagram profile. Just give it a try, and you’ll find answers to your question about the user.

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