How to Search for Someone on Badoo by Username

Millions of people join dating sites and hookup apps every single day, and Badoo is on the top list of these sites. Now, if you’re wondering if your partner or anyone else has a Badoo account or not, you can search for them by username in the first place. After that, try to find out if they’re using the app by name or in other ways.

So, in this guide, I’ll show you the best methods to search for someone on Badoo by username. Keep reading, and you’ll learn more tips and tricks.

Badoo username search methods

Depending on the availability of data, some search tools access the database faster than others. For that reason, you need to use the correct username and name first. Second, avoid searching on multiple pages because that can slow down the system. Now, let’s find out more about the technique you can use t locate that hidden user on Badoo.

1. Social Catfish

With the Social Catfish reverse username lookup, it’s not complicated to see if someone has a dating profile on Badoo. In addition, by searching for your spouse’s name through the same search engine, you could get his or her accounts on other dating apps and social media networks.

Besides, Social Catfish has an advanced search-by-photo system that works well for social media. It’s like Google Images but with more organized details and great features. In other words, you could get all the possible details about someone not only on Badoo but also on the whole Internet through public records.

2. Google

Surprisingly, Google indexes and shows Badoo profiles through a simple username search. That’s a great feature that most people neglect and even don’t know about. Badoo, like Tinder and other dating apps, wants to get more users through a search engine. They know how that can help the site attract millions of people just to view the profile of a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

Now, here is the simplest method to find your partner on Badoo through their username only.

  1. Visit the Google search engine.
  2. Type the username or name of your boyfriend or girlfriend
  3. Validate the search
  4. You’ll get the list of profiles on Badoo on that username or name.
  5. Once you click on that profile URL on Google, you’ll be redirected to the user’s profile on Badoo, which is publicly visible.

Here is an example of someone’s Badoo profile we found through Google’s username search.

Someone's Badoo profile

Here is another search filter that you can apply in Google:


Change that username example and Google will show the associated profiles. If you need an easier way to distinguish between these accounts, apply the search by images from the top of the search engine. That way, you only view photos which should be better.

3. Infotracer

The Infotracer username lookup comes with a long list of features and possible personal details. is among the websites that this social search engine can search and find profiles by usernames. So, give this a try, and you may find that person on Badoo in a few clicks.

username lookup

That being said, the service is not that accurate all the time because of many factors. For example, the profile on that exact username you searched for could be representing someone else and not the same person.

So, the tool won’t tell you that the two individuals are completely different. Hence, that should be your own research through the Internet. There are so many fake online dating accounts, just like what happens on Facebook and social media.

4. Spokeo

In reality, Spokeo is another well-known search engine for social media. To find out if someone has a profile on Badoo, try this easy-to-use people search engine. Unlike other options, this one can search for a username (just like a name) on more than 120 social media networks and dating apps. That means most of the biggest players in the dating world, including POF, OkCupid, and of course, Tinder.


Here’s a trick that should help in discovering that hidden account on Badoo. If you can see other profiles on social media sites, make sure you copy those usernames behind the profile and use them in a new search.

Millions of guys and girls create secondary accounts on social media and link them to their secret profiles on dating apps. Consequently, those guys won’t let people find their well-protected accounts easily through Google. In fact, users can use different techniques to hide their Badoo accounts by enabling the privacy settings under their profile setup.

Are Badoo profile details accessible publicly?

Badoo, like other apps, puts all the user’s private information on a long page. They know that most users won’t even read that page unless they’d like to learn more about how the site treats the privacy of its millions of users on both free and premium accounts.

Privacy of

By looking at their privacy details, you can see that what people post and share under their Badoo profile will be available to the public no matter what they can do with that data.

If someone adds photos, addresses, or phone numbers and emails to their account on Badoo, you can find that data with the above methods.

On the other side, if that person has enabled the profile hiding feature from search engines, then Google may not help much with that. Instead, use a paid search engine like the options I talked about. That’s because they have private databases of details about millions of people on dating sites and social media.


With these search methods and techniques, you can find out if someone is using the Badoo dating app or not. All you need is one of the above tools. Type their name or username into the search bar, and locate their profile in minutes.

That being said, it’s not always possible to find 100% of the account you want to see because many users have the same names o usernames. Add to that the huge number of fake profiles on social media and dating apps. Thus, you’ll need to verify the details you find through Internet tools to make sure they’re correct.

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